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Jennifer Tang

Dr. Jennifer Tang is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Ontario, researcher, and humanitarian speaker. She earned her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto; prior to that, Dr. Tang completed her undergraduate studies at McMaster University, specializing in biology and genetics where she obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science degree. Jennifer has a clinical focus in hormones and women’s health, digestive health, stress management, and integrative cancer care. She incorporates her strong science background in molecular biology and evidence-based research to naturopathic medicine and principles.

Her drive and ambition sparked at a young age when she had to prioritize her own health concerns, which were not addressed until she discovered naturopathic medicine. Jennifer’s goal is not only to help individuals achieve optimal health, but to empower and advocate for them along the process. It is her mission to work with wellness warriors all over to delve into a lifestyle and mindset that they can fall in love with. Dr. Jennifer Tang’s approach to ideal health is simple: it’s all about you. Your health is unique to you, your wellness goals are your own, and no one knows your health like you do - it’s a no-brainer that you deserve individualized care that is catered to you.

In addition to being a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Jennifer Tang has started her own campaign, collaborating with various organizations all across Canada, to promote health education and raise awareness about naturopathic medicine. Some of the places she has given talks to include: York Region District School Board, McMaster University, Girls of Destiny, Endometriosis Support Group, St. Augustine’s, Big Girls Interrupted, Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre.

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